Get involved

How can you get involved?

  • If you are an owner of a NZEB, a low energy house, or if you have implemented an innovative solution how to save energy in your house, apartment, office or public building: join the campaign by registering your property for the exhibitions – you decide when and how many people to host 
  • If you are a building professional and have a portfolio of NZEBs, energy efficient designs or constructions: share your projects and help us reach the building owners for the exhibitions
  • If you are a national, regional or local decision maker: visit our exhibitions, apply for the study tour and get inspired to make a change in your region
  • If you are an NGO active in the field of sustainable buildings development: join our initiative. By combining efforts we’ll reach higher audience levels.
  • If you come from the business sector, searching for partnership and promotion opportunities: contact us to discuss individual sponsorship offers

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